The Nostradamus of the Blogosphere

Jon Swift, one of the most astute conservative pundits on the Internet, is also a prophet. Astonishingly, three of his eight predictions for 2006 came true, qualifying him as the Nostradamus of the blogosphere. Swift has posted 25 predictions for 2007. Here are four of my favorites:

Time magazine will select itself as Person of the Year.

• John Kerry repeatedly uses the n-word in a joke gone horribly wrong.

• In the season finale of Lost we discover that it was all a dream by Hurley who wakes up in Bob Newhart’s hotel.

• Whatever happens in 2007, you can be sure it would have been a lot worse and more people would have died if we had done something else.

The prophecies above are indeed thought-provoking. But what truly amazes is that Swift is so prescient that five of his prophecies for 2007 have already come true – even before the new year begins. Swift prophesied that:

• Pictures of Rudolph Giuliani in drag will surface, scuttling his plans to run for President.

• Congress will do nothing at all about Social Security or health care.

• The next six months in Iraq will prove to be critical for determining how the following six months are going to go.

• Temperatures will go down in February causing widespread doubt about global warming, but by July there will be renewed calls to do something about it.

• Recruitment shortfalls lead the Pentagon to hire temps to fill some positions and outsource some work to the Indian military.

One can only tremble in wonderment regarding a prophet so keen that his prophecies have come true even before he makes them. Check out the rest of Jon Swift’s vision for 2007 here.