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Established December 23, 2005

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Short Description of TerraX

Terra Extraneus (Latin for “strange world!”) is a discussion of culture and politics written by two Christians evangelicals who are political independents. TerraX is authored by Rod Heggy, an attorney, and Terry Hull, a writer and pastor. Topics include current events, culture, politics, books, movies, and, of course, blogging.

Slightly Longer Description of TerraX

Terra Extraneus is a discussion of culture and politics written by two Christians evangelicals who are political independents. The blog, authored by Rod Heggy and Terry Hull, was launched on December 23, 2005. “Terra Extraneus” is Latin for “strange world.” On this blog, we offer our opinions — sometimes serious, sometimes less so — about the strange world in which we live.

Rod Heggy is an attorney who has also served as a pastor. Terry Hull is a pastor who has also worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and paralegal. We are both evangelical Christians, meaning that we believe Jesus is the living Son of God and our Lord and Savior. But don’t be too quick to pigeonhole our personalities or our politics based on that confession. We may surprise you.

We first met in our teenage days as members of the youth groups of sister churches. Soon we crossed paths a second way as high school speech and debate competitors. We have been friends ever since, and partners on numerous projects during our adult lives. The Terra Extraneus blog is the next logical step in a lifetime of collaboration.

Actually, we have already been having this discussion between ourselves for years. Through Terra Extraneus, we invite you to listen in — and to add your own comments, if you wish.

About Rod Heggy

Rod Heggy, an attorney, is the director of Heggy & Associates, LLC, and of counsel with Federman & Sherwood, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla. Mr. Heggy’s practice areas include general commercial litigation, insurance, employment, retail securities, consumer and environmental law. Mr. Heggy holds degrees from Southeastern Oklahoma State University (bachelor’s), the University of Louisiana (master of science) and the University of Houston (juris doctorate). He is a member of the Texas and Okahoma Bars.

Mr. Heggy also served as the evangelist of Grace Christian Church, Yukon, Oklahoma, from 1995-2001, and president of the Banner Dependent Public School District from 2002-2004. He is married, has three children, and attends Christ’s Church in Yukon, Oklahoma.

For more information about Mr. Heggy’s law practice, please visit www.heggylaw.com.

About Terry Hull

For most of his life, Terry Hull has had a dual career as a writer and pastor. As a writer, Mr. Hull has worked as a newspaper reporter and as the managing editor of two newspapers and two magazines. As a pastor, he has served churches in Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico.

Mr. Hull holds a master’s degree in New Testament exposition, with a concentration on church leadership. He also has done graduate studies in organizational psychology. He lives in the Oklahoma City area, where he works as a writer, paralegal, and the pastor of a rural church near Oklahoma City.

Mr. Hull is married and is a father and grandfather. He thanks his wife of many years, Norma, for her unfailing patience and encouragement during a lifetime of unusual and often ill-fated adventures, some of which will eventually be told on Terra Extraneus