Why is Proficiency in English Important?

There are four mains reasons why it is important for your child to be proficient in the English language. Thus it is very important that they start English tuitions for primary school level so that they can get a boost in their future.

Although English is only the third most common language that is spoken in the world it is spoken in almost all countries of the world and the number of people who speak this language can amount to around 2 billion people.

English is the most dominant language that is used throughout the business world and has become a necessity for students in tertiary education and for people in a global workforce to know this language and to be able to communicate well using it. English has been able to help businesses cross borders and it is very important to know this language as it may have the ability to change a child’s life and open them up to opportunities that would not be available without a proficient knowledge of English. Now-a-days most of the companies of the world conduct English proficiency tests that are made part of the recruitment process. Being able to communicate well and put forth their thought in clear words will give children an advantage when they are applying for jobs.

Most of the world top media such as books, films and music is all published in English. A good knowledge of English can bring forward a completely new world of entertainment that wasn’t previously available to the child. In a rare case your child can start to enjoy this media so much that they may want to be a part of it and a solid basis of English can also give them the opportunity to join this world of glitz and glamour which would greatly improve their standard of living and help them earn a lot of money.

Finally most of the content that is available on the internet is in English. Making sure that your child understands English and is able to read and write English can open them up to a wealth of information that can be found on the internet and this helps them learn more not only during the school years but also throughout their life. This can give them an added advantage over their peers at any point of their career as they can keep themselves up to date with all the news about the field that they choose.