How to Find the Best Preschool for Your Child in Singapore

Selecting preschool in singapore for your child maybe a daunting task for you as there might be several options available. However, this could have a significant effect on your childs life and his/her future and that is why you should spend some time on researching on the preschools available in Singapore.

The criteria for selection:

While there are many which are popular, they may not necessarily be the preschool in Singapore for your child. Keep the following in mind when selecting the right preschool.

Size of the class

The smaller the teacher student ratio, the better individual attention the child gets. Some children by nature are more outgoing whereas some are shy. If the nature of your child is the latter a smaller class size may help him/her to overcome shyness or at least stop the child from getting lost in the crowd. A smaller class also means that children can form better bonds with each other as well as with the teacher.

The learning approach

This approach needs to be holistic, encouraging and help the children find their potential through their own means. The learning sphere should include everything from learning basics like numbers, letters, colours, etc to their social, emotional, physical and motor skills.

The look of the classroom

A cluttered or disorganised, small, not bright room can have an adverse effect on the childs psyche. The child may not feel welcome or comfortable in such an environment. It needs to be organised, with enough space for the child to move around, airy and bright lit with warm and leasing colours on the wall.

The attitude of the caretakers

The best teachers are those who guide the children and help them to find answers rather than tell them what they are. They need to be responsive and encourage children to share their ideas and opinions as well as pay attention to the ideas. If children are disciplined with love and firmness rather than with scolding, the chances of them responding to the former are much higher.

Testimonials from other parents

While you may talk to the school and the teachers and even check their ratings out, talking to parents whose children are already studying there are the best way of getting the true picture. However, word of caution, everyone has different opinions and wants for their children so whatever feedback you get on the preschool in Singapore, take it with a pinch of salt and ask them exactly why they think so.

Consider all these facts and select only that which you think is the best suited for your child.